date category feature example queries (where applicable)
09.06.2017 internal fix conversation id targeting and entity recognition
07.03.2017 model updated data with recent reference library additions (S8)
12.02.2017 internal algorithm switched to be be more selective, indication of unrecognized words
12.02.2017 Query by Example table tabular view on Fiori BOM reference data(example) make table for fiori intent, AppName, Application Component, Business Catalog, Technical Catalog , BSPName and ODataService
31.01.2017 internal cookie timeout for login session extended
31.01.2017 internal major switch of string comparison & weighting
31.01.2017 site descriptive pages of models, linked from about page,e.g. Fiori Reference Apps (Fiori BOM)
26.01.2017 model Fiori Backend Catalogs model
26.01.2017 model SOBJ_Tables (SAP Transport objects and tables)
26.01.2017 model removed some unused models
22.01.2017 query describe <fact>|<category<
describe <fact>|<category< in domain <domain>
"describe element name"
"describe W_FRM_CUST_PLANT in domain FioriBOM"
"Tell me about BSPName"
22.01.2017 usability change local history
22.01.2017 site what's new page
22.01.2017 query enhancement filter in Domain for List All with binary operator (starting with, ending with , ... )in domain XX "list all element names starting with "ni"in domain IUPAC"
21.01.2017 query multiple "categories" in list all, what is "list all Application Component, BSPNAme, fiori intent for maintain
"list all <catgory> containing <F"
20.01.2017 site new about page, styles
19.01.2017 query filter containing, starting with, ending with "list all <catgory> starting with <string>"
"list all <catgory> containing <F"
10.01.2017 query filter by <domain> "list all categories in <domain>"
20.01.2017 tech always on, traffic monitoring
10.01.2017 query metaqueries "list all categories"
10.01.2017 query metaqueries "list all domains"
08.01.2017 tech email reset
08.01.2017 tech user registration